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The lockdowns have been an excellent opportunity for many people to work on personal development. For many, this means trying to get in shape. Unfortunately, while the lockdowns give us an abundance of time, they also limit our access to proper training facilities.

Thankfully there are many ways to get in shape without weights. Some of the more popular ways involve plyometrics, yoga, and bodyweight exercises. So long as you have a flat floor and a wall, many exercises can be done to improve your fitness.

These five exercises will work out your triceps, shoulders, and core.

Diamond press-up

This is just like a regular push-up but harder. You make a flat diamond shape with your hand on the ground and then do a push-up from that position.

Downward Dog to Push-Up

Start on the floor and gradually move into the downward dog position. From there, lift one hand and touch your opposite toe. Repeat this for the other hand and toe, respectively.

Dragon walk

Stand up straight and (without bending your knees) bend forward until your fingertips contact the floor.

Walk your hands forward until you are parallel to the ground (like you are doing a push-up), and then walk your feet until they meet your hands. Rinse and repeat.

Burpee With Push-up

Do a Push-up, but bring your legs to your hands in one motion when you come up. Then jump straight up, extending your hands to the sky. From there, squat down and go back into the push-up position and repeat the movement.

Plank Side Walk

Get into a plank position and then (while staying as firm as possible) move to the side using your right arm and right leg at the same time to move. After you complete this movement, move back to your original position and repeat the same motion using your left leg and left arm this time.

Next time you can’t get to the gym, try some of these exercises. By mixing and matching some of the various exercises listed above, you can get a great upper body workout without weights, even in as little as 20 minutes.