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As warm weather draws near, it is important to remember that excessive heat can take its toll on an active body. While it is impossible to control nature, there are ways to protect against heat exhaustion and other heat-related ailments. Keep these tips in mind as the weather outside heats up.

Time of Day

Scheduling an outdoor workout in the morning is one of the best ways to avoid dealing with extreme heat. Temperatures tend to be the coolest in the early morning hours before the sun has a chance to make activity dangerous. If running, walking, biking, or other strenuous activity is on the agenda, it is best to do this before sunrise or shortly after. 

Be Prepared

If outdoor activity can’t be avoided, the best way to prevent heat-related illness is to stay hydrated and dress for the weather. Drinking water or electrolyte-infused drinks before a workout helps to prepare the body to lose fluids through sweating. Wearing light-colored, moisture-wicking materials while active outside will also go a long way in keeping the body cool and functional. 

Consider Options

Think outside the box when it comes to activity options. If it is too hot to run a trail, try aqua-jogging instead. The water can be refreshing and easier on joints. If possible, do workouts in the shade that can’t be done in the water or before the sun comes up or after it sets. 

Choose Wisely

Be aware of the limitations that may make exercising during warm weather difficult. Talking over a workout plan with a physician is always a good idea before getting started. If outside activity is not in the cards, try finding opportunities inside to keep fit and safe from extreme temperatures. Working out with a friend is another way to make a workout safer. This makes it possible to keep an eye out for signs of exhaustion or distress, whether inside or outdoors.

Just because the weather is warming, doesn’t mean that outdoor activity needs to cease. Finding new ways to work out can be a fun way to get activity in without risking heat-related ailments. Preparing for extreme weather by choosing workout times wisely, hydrating, and dressing for the weather will also go a long way in preventing illness. All of these tips, along with the go-ahead from a physician, can make exercising during the summer safe and productive.