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If you are looking for the best place to have outdoor fun, a Thousand Islands-Seaway Region is probably the best place. This region is an excellent wilderness with woods and water. There has been a constant flow of visitors for over a century to this place worldwide. There is a range of activities that you could have in this region.


There are a few areas that offer quality and diversity fishing in the Thousand Islands Region. Lake Ontario is in this region. You can always find time to go out fishing in this lake or stroll around.


The Thousand Island Region has a river where the diving lovers could put to practice their diving skills. It doesn’t matter whether you are a professional diver or not since there are outfitters to guide you or offer refills. There are remains of ships that can be visited on a day’s trip. Due to the Zebra mussels increase and water cleanups, the river is clear. Therefore, visitors ought not to be afraid.


If you prefer to stay on top of the water or even on the dry land, Thousand Island Region has got you covered. It has hiking and strolling trails that fit any level of kills. You can take leisure walks past the waterfalls, the scenic shorelines, and the serene nature of this region.

Winter Recreation

The Seaway region experiences winter climatic conditions. There is a range of winter activities that you could engage in while in this region to avoid cabin fever. The winter climate comes with snowfalls that are crucial for snowshoeing, skiing, snowmobiling, and ice fishing. There are cross-country skiing trails in St. Lawrence County and more than 700 miles of snowmobiling trails to ensure that you have a wonderful experience.

Paddling and Rafting

Not everyone is fascinated by motorized water transportation. That is why the Thousand Island Region has boats that do not use such machines. You can rent one and have fun around the lakes in the region peacefully. You can also come with you. Thousand Islands Region is the place for you to have a real outdoor experience.