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Hopefully, you’ve been doing some aerobic exercise to combat the isolating effects of social distancing regulations. Some of the best aerobic exercises can be achieved outdoors in the fresh, clean autumn air. When running, jogging, or walking, it’s easy to practice the 6-feet rule for social distancing implemented since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Better yet, you have more options for masks that let air in while still keeping microorganisms out.

Performance Face Masks

Remember that you want clean, slightly filtered air passing through your mask into your lungs as you walk, jog or run. This means you should avoid medical face masks as well as regular face masks now commonly being sold online and in various brick and mortar stores. Instead, invest in at least two high-quality performance face masks.

Performance face masks are engineered for sports activities, in general. Firstly, they are commonly made with actual fabric or a synthetic version of one. The fabric itself is designed to be breathable and, sometimes, also antibacterial. If you have ever taken part in track and field activities on dusty sand tracks, you’ll understand the usefulness of these specialized face masks.

BOCO Performance Face Mask

Made for high output activities and performance, BOCO performance face masks will provide you with superior protection. They are made with two durable layers of cloth and feature a slit that an extra filter can be slipped into if desired. These are reusable, meaning you can wash them, dry them, and wear over and over again.

Zenash Performance Face Masks

Zensah masks are comfortable, lightweight, and perfect for wearing while running or doing any daily activities. Zensah masks are also washable and reusable. They are available in all sizes and ages, including children 3 to 5 and 6 to 11 years of age. Copper-infused clothing, including face masks, have antimicrobial properties. Zensah manufactures copper-infused fabric masks for this reason, and these are priced slightly higher.

Just be aware that there is no proof that copper-infused clothing can protect you from COVID-19. However, the antimicrobial properties of copper have been proven in medical and scientific studies.

If it’s not sold as or called a “performance mask,” it likely hasn’t been manufactured according to the same protection standards as mentioned here. However, some sports mask options come relatively close. So if you’re looking for a mask you can easily wear during aerobic exercise, it’s essential to choose wisely.