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Low-Impact exercises don’t require vigorous movement that places too much weight on your joints. Doing low-impact cardio workouts as an exercise regimen is beneficial to anyone who experiences joint problems, is recovering from an injury, or is a bit overweight. There is a misconception that low-impact cardio workouts don’t burn much fat. However, this is not true. People will still receive a fat-busting, challenging workout that will leave them sweating. Below are some fantastic low-impact cardio workouts people can utilize for weight loss. Feel free to adjust the reps and sets to personal performance level and optimal burn.

Water Aerobics

High-impact exercises like running or jogging create minor fractures to the bone and can have damaging effects on the knees if not done in proper form. Gravity automatically weighs the body down and adds even more pressure once the foot lands on the ground. Water aerobics is doing different kinds of exercises, but instead of on land, they’re done in the water. In the swimming pool, people don’t have to be restricted to gravity and have a greater range of motion. The wider range of motion allows them to do more exercises for a longer duration. Exercises like aquatic jogging, knee-ups, jumping jacks, flutter kicks, and leg lifts are just a few exercises people can add to their water aerobics workout.


Kickboxing can be a fun fast-paced low-impact exercise that doesn’t strain the joints. People can stand with their feet planted firmly on the ground and perform an assortment of front kicks, side kicks, jabs, uppercuts, and more. To increase the intensity of this workout, people can add more reps and sets as well as execute the movements at a faster pace to feel the burn.


Dancing is an excellent form of cardio for people who enjoy the versatility and is ideal for people who don’t want to feel like they are working out. People can shred calories to their favorite songs in the comfort of their home. Dance styles are not limited and vary among some genres like salsa, ballroom dance, contemporary, Zumba, and jazz. Dancing for 30 minutes to an hour daily is a good starter. There are even online dance classes that people can subscribe to learn choreography, or they can attend Zumba fitness classes at their local recreation center.