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Fitness novices might feel like Pilates is only for athletes and high-level fitness enthusiasts. However, Pilates is a great option, no matter where you are on your fitness journey. The reason is that a solid Pilates workout regimen stimulates the entire body. It can improve the body’s range of motion, increase overall flexibility, and at the same time, build muscle and boost overall strength. If you’re intrigued by the possibilities that Pilates has to offer your mind and body, read on as we help you find your very first Pilates routine.

The Focus of a Beginner’s Pilates Routine

According to the Mayo Clinic’s fitness experts, any beginner’s Pilates routine should be full of low-impact exercises that increase flexibility, build muscular strength, and improve overall fitness endurance.

The Mayo Clinic staff recommends Pilates routines for anybody wanting to build abdominal strength, straighten up their posture, develop their overall flexibility, and minimize the possibility of back pain.

Pilates is such a great fitness routine for anybody wanting to build strength. This is because Pilates exercises work the entire trunk of your body, as well as your hips, back muscles, the abdomen, and the inner thighs.

Find the Right Pilates Instructor for You

One huge component of finding the right Pilates program for you is seeking out a gym and gym instructor that is right for you and your unique fitness needs. The Mayo Clinic recommends finding a Pilates instructor via your local YMCA or high-end fitness health center. One reason is that Pilates instructors at these facilities work with clients from all age groups and walks of life. So, they are likely familiar with your particular fitness needs, desires, and expectations.

Before joining any Pilates class, make sure that your instructor is properly certified and has completed a full Pilates training program. Depending on your medical history, age, and general fitness level, another essential thing to consider is finding an instructor that can adapt exercises for people with special needs, physical limitations, or injuries.

There are several huge benefits to working with an experienced Pilates instructor if someone is just a beginner wanting to improve their overall fitness. One such benefit is that a qualified Pilates instructor can customize or modify a workout so that it suits a client’s exact medical or fitness circumstances. This customization is what will get someone the fitness results they are seeking from a Pilates program.

An experienced Pilates instructor will also add spice to a routine by introducing new exercises, which keeps an exercise regimen fun and exciting. Just as importantly, a reputable instructor is also there to help motivate and uplift their clients as they complete their workout.