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During COVID-19, people have turned to new forms of entertainment. Marble racing has become an internet sensation, drawing viewers of all demographics. Let’s take a look at why competitive marble racing is becoming the latest craze.

What is competitive marble racing?
Simply put, competitive marble racing is a race between marbles. Different teams line up their marbles at the start line and see which ones reach the finish line first. In certain leagues, different rule sets go by track or number of marbles. These races are broadcast online for the whole world to see. Beforehand, contestants design their marble to be the fastest to navigate through tight tracks and corridors.

Why is it so appealing?
There’s something incredible about such a simple sport. Once the race begins, there is no human interaction along the way. Nevertheless, people are fixated on the competition for its entire duration and cannot stop watching for one second. It’s true; if you take your eyes off the screen for just a bit, another marble could take the lead and snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. Along the way, viewers often fall in love with certain marbles due to their design. It’s much like watching a track or swimming competition and cheering for your favorite athlete. The only difference is, the race is unpredictable to everyone involved.

John Oliver is game
John Oliver is certainly game for competitive marble racing. In recent interviews, he admits that these races have captured his attention like none other. Oliver says there’s no shame in watching marbles race down the track, and he would like to participate in this activity one day. He firmly believes that even after the coronavirus is over, marble racing will surge in popularity for years to come. Oliver calls it a “beautiful event” that should be celebrated just like any other sport.

In conclusion, competitive marble racing is becoming the latest craze. More and more people are tuning in to these races for glory. If you haven’t watched it yet, it’s a lot more exciting than you might think!