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Regular exercise is hugely beneficial to both your physical and mental health. This is extremely important right now, with almost everyone going through a rough time. The easiest place to exercise regularly has traditionally been at the gym, but it is very reasonable to have doubts about returning to such a public place. Luckily, gyms around the country are working hard to create safe exercise spaces for their customers. These are the four main reasons why it is safe to return to the gym right now.

Health Screenings

Most gyms are screening employees and customers before they enter the building to ensure they have not been exposed to the virus. These screenings include temperature checks and monitoring for troubling symptoms. These are the same safety measures that hospitals and other health facilities use before letting their employees and patients enter the building. If it can protect susceptible patients at a hospital, then the same holds true at the local gym.

Spaced Out Equipment

The virus spreads significantly when a group of people is congregated together in a confined space. Gyms are likely to have plenty of room for everyone inside to remain socially distant. Gym staff have been spacing equipment out as much as possible. The gyms are also asking customers to avoid using a piece of equipment within six feet of another person exercising. The wide-open space in gyms makes them much safer than restaurants and bars.

Enhanced Cleaning Measures

Regularly cleaning and disinfecting surfaces helps to combat the virus. This is even more important when people are sweating on gym equipment. Gyms know this is the only way to stay safe, so they are significantly enhancing their cleaning measures. Gym staff ensure that every piece of equipment is cleaned and sanitized immediately after it is used. The locker rooms and bathrooms are also getting cleaned at regular intervals.

Masks Are Required

Masks are a great tool to stop the spread of the virus. Since masks are effective, you will not be able to step foot in a gym without wearing one. Exercising with a mask may feel weird at first, but your body will quickly adjust. There are performance masks available on the market that do not restrict breathing during exercise, so you do not have to worry about running out of air.