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Ice hockey may be the national sport of Canada, but the game is beloved around the world. The dream of every great hockey player is to become a star in the NHL. The league has undergone a lot of changes over the years, but it has always featured the world’s best players. These are the four best ice hockey players of all-time.

Wayne Gretzky

There is no denying that Wayne Gretzky is the best player ever to put on a pair of hockey skates. Gretzky is best known for his ability to score goals, but he was also a fantastic passer. His 1,963 assists are more points than every other player in NHL history. He also managed to add an insane 894 goals to his point total. These goals and assists were all recorded in meaningful games as Gretzky helped lead his teams to four Stanley Cup titles.

Gordie Howe

If there is one player that can compete with Gretzky as the best of all-time, it is Gordie Howe. The iconic Detroit Red Wings forward scored 801 goals during his historic 31-year career. All of these goals were scored in an era that featured minimal scoring. Howe’s longevity is something that will likely never been seen in the sport again.

Bobby Orr

Bobby Orr completely revolutionized the sport of hockey by becoming the first defenseman to contribute on offense significantly. Orr may be best known for his ability to create scoring chances, but he was also excelled at slowing down the opposing team’s offense. His ability to play on both sides of the puck is something that will never be topped. Orr finished his career with 915 points after injuries forced him to retire after 657 games.

Martin Brodeur

The accomplishments of goalies are often overlooked by fans when talking about the all-time greats, but it is arguably the most critical position on the ice. While there have been an able lot of fantastic goalies over the years, none of them were better than Martin Brodeur. His 691 wins and 125 shutouts are more than any other player to step in front of the net. Brodeur also helped lead the New Jersey Devils to three Stanley Cup titles during his career.