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Many people have spent the majority of 2020, committing to improving their health through fitness. There are some excellent apps to help keep people on track. These apps are meant to motivate, inspire, and allow people to help others by helping themselves.

Charity Miles

Named on the list of top fitness apps for 2020 is Charity Miles. Users can choose one organization that they can earn donations for, simply by walking, biking, or running as a form of exercise. The app sponsors donate money on each user’s behalf, and users will see each sponsor’s ads. Users can also set goals to meet and recruit pledges from other people, based on how many miles a user logs. Some of the most prominent charities that benefit from this app are St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, the ASPCA, Unicef, Habitats for Humanity, the Wounded Warrior Project, and more.


Those who need extra motivation to exercise download the Blogilates app. It is based on a YouTube channel and related blog, and the app features on-demand workouts and recommendations related to fitness. Other features that users love include its recipes, workout calendar, and even a built-in shop where users can purchase athletic gear. While most of the app’s features are free, some are extras that users have to pay for to access.

Forte (Website)

While Blogilates is primarily geared towards women, the Forte website is more suitable for anyone. It allows users to access live streams of workout classes so they can engage in exercise no matter where they are. Many classes are available to choose from, and users can easily access the schedule of when classes take place and how long they last. The site’s practice squad feature lets users try it out for free before deciding to subscribe.


Anyone with a particular interest in strength training can benefit from the Jefit app. Exercises are grouped according to which muscles they strengthen so users can customize their experience. Users can even use the app to track how many reps they complete. The app also includes a calendar so that workouts can be scheduled and added to it. While the app is free, users can pay for an upgraded version that gives them access to tools for setting goals and watching videos of specific exercises.

Article originally Published on Medium