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In 2021, health and fitness are being put to work – from home!

It’s no question that 2020 left it harder for many worldwide to keep up with their regular fitness routines. With many gyms and fitness studios closing their doors either temporarily or permanently, health and fitness fans were tasked with reimagining their workouts in a new way.

Thankfully, many fitness and health hotspots are taking the opportunity to provide free access to top tips from certified trainers, nutritionists, and wellness experts. With endless options catered toward any individual, no matter their fitness level, it’s easy to see why gym memberships or expensive diets aren’t necessary for optimal health.

Below are some of the standout health and fitness blogs leading this at-home health revolution:

The Balanced Life

Balanced Life creator and certified Pilates instructor, Robin Long, leads an incredible community of women who seek the freedom to love their bodies again. Packed with quick and effective Pilates workouts, recipes, and endless health and fitness tips, Balanced Life is a staple for anyone wanting to take control of their health effectively in under 15 minutes a day.

Muscle and Strength

This all-encompassing fitness blog is packed with workouts, diet plans, how-to videos, and articles that are all designed to take anyone’s fitness to the next level. The site also holds various tools to calculate body fat percentage and BMR for both men and women.

Fitbit Blog

Fitbit has been supporting fitness lovers for years with their smartwatches and trackers – but their blog is one the wellness community should keep an eye on, whether they own a Fitbit or not. The site is packed with useful tips on workouts and stretching, as well as nutrition, sleep, and even stress.

MyFitnessPal Blog

MyFitnessPal, from the popular diet-tracking app by Under Armour, provides tons of tips for optimal nutrition, fitness, and targeted recipes based on your weight-loss goals.

From a fitness newbie to a guru, 2021 can be the year that finally brings success in the health and fitness goals of anyone looking to put in the work – all in the comfort of their own home.